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Travel Healthy : By GOUR KANJILAL
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Travel and Tourism industry is growing very fast & tourism spending has exceeded US$6 trillion globally in 2005 (WTTC Report). Large number of tourists are going on holidays but without taking proper care to their personal health or to the belongings. Hence it is essential to provide some tips for healthy traveling. Once all these aspects are taken care one may find the holiday a life time experience. These basic tips are based on the practical experience so these are tested and you cannot go wrong. Follow my tips and enjoy your holiday.

  • Be aware of your health conditions. Take sufficient quantities of the medicines which you require as it may not be available locally.
        Better get a full medical check up Overseas Medical costs are very high. Also keep the medicines handy.

  • Don't move with out Travel & Health Insurance. Read the small prints in the Insurance Cover, just reconfirm with the Insurance
        Agent that he has included the details as per your need.

  • Use Travelers Cheques or Credit Cards wherever possible, avoid carrying cash. Do change some money in to local currency to
        avoid changes of large amount at the airport. You may not get good rates also. Exchange Money through official Agencies only.
        Keep small changes separately for daily use. Keep money in the pocket at two three places and not bunched at one place.

  • Keep your Wallet & valuables secured in your person or in safe custody in the hotel locker, or in your hand luggage
        Be alert all the time.

  • Always be careful about your Passport. Keep it in hotel safe and keep photocopy with you for identification.

  • For long haul flights, move around & don't remain seated all time Take water time to time, avoid alcoholic beverages. Try to sleep
        and relax. Eat light food. If you have any diet restrictions inform the airlines at booking time itself. They offer special menu as per
        your request. Dehydration is common due to air in the aircraft so drink water time to time. It helps to control Jetlag.

  • Try to understand Time Zone differences. Try to move on with the local time on arrival than sleeping to recover the loss of sleep
        Acclimatized first. However do not exert too much.

  • Skipping meals during tours \ excursions is not advisable. Carry light snacks or try fruits or fruit juices. Avoid fried foods.

  • Carry some disinfectant with you & disinfect your hands before taking food in local marts.

  • Strictly follow the Safety regulations indicated by Tour Agent during organized group tours. Strictly follow the time limit indicated
        by the Tour Escort, if not adhered to, they may leave you behind. They won,t wait for you.

  • While taking tours do get a clarification on what is included or not included, Many places Entrance Fees are to be paid separately.
        Also keep small changes of local currency with you for using the Wash Room facilities. It will be a good gesture to pay some Tips
        to the Guide, generally he shares the amount with the Coach Chauffer.

  • Before you commit any purchases do check you have sufficient money with you or your Credit Card is acceptable to them &
        you have right limit.

  • Allways carry extra bag or your bag has enough space to bring back the purchases you have made, take proper care for
        packaging the fragile ones, better carry in your hand bag if fits in. You do not go overseas to buy such souvenirs regularly.

  • Do not forget VAT refunds claim, keep all documents ready for claim. This is a good incentive given to tourists by many tourism
        promoting countries.

  • Keep a note of every thing .You can help others with your experience.

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