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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
Tourist Accommodation Sector
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    Hotels globally are more or less same in offering facilities except that the quality in service and attitude of the people there that makes the difference. Here comes the necessity to make the right choice. Some background knowledge about the hotel is essential to know about the hotel. The essential parts to be looked into should cover - its approach, its distance from airport/ railway station to the city, services it provides, whether it serves your purpose. Sometime only name and plus star category do not suffice. Atleast in some countries, the standard of hotels in some categories vary from region to region or may not match your perception about star category hotels you have seen in other parts of the globe. Hence a proper knowledge about the hotel you select may help you to get best out of the hotel.

    Many a time, glossy pictures and aggressive marketing strategies of the hoteliers keep you confused to know the right picture. Here the clarification about price, discounts, mode of payments, extras etc need to be clarified in advance or you tend to pay more at a later stage.

    While you make a choice of the hotel first you look into your needs and not what hotel claims. If you are going for business purpose, see that it is a business hotels - It has internet service, secretarial service, efficient communication service, courier service, parking facilities, board room (for small meetings) and preferably 24 hours checkout timings. While selecting rooms also be a bit choosy so that it is not nearer to the lifts as the sound of lift is quite disturbing if you are busy in your work in the room.

    If you are with your family and children are with you, the choice of rooms is very essential. Better to ask for inter-connected room for the children and just avoid balcony as for children it could be accident prone.

    Same applies for hotels which are in blocks, try to avoid such hotels as visibility becomes very difficult and hotels look very stuffy. For best views look for mountain view or sea view and pay for it. Be careful if you are making the choice through website. Sometimes seaviews etc are shown but sea could be kilometers away. So check on this part.

    Also try to avoid such hotels where constructions are in progress next to the hotel or backyard has automobile repairing garage. 24 hours sound will spoil your holiday or even check whether there is open drain around and that may make your stay unbearable with the stench from the drain.

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