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Travel Agents And Tour Operators
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    Travel agents and tour operators form the backbone of the industry. They play an important role in promoting the country as a tourist destination. An example, City Cross Travels Private Limited, Mumbai is promoting tourism in Jammu and Kashmir despite the violence that took place some time ago. Similarly other travel agencies are also trying to project a peaceful picture of India abroad. The travel agencies provide package tours that lure the foreign tourists towards our country. These packaged tour extract the best our of places and gives a foreign tourist a feel of the rich cultural diversity of our country.


  • Travel agents are moving from being mere ticket issuers to travel consultants taking complete
        responsibility for the consumer's needs.
  • Travel agencies not only provide the picture of the country to the interested parties but also lure them
        to visit a country by the attractive packages.

  • Weaknesses
  • Travel agents are most affected by the taxes that are part of the industry.

  • Opportunities
  • As the number of tourist is increasing, there is a need to identify their requirements and the travel
        agencies can tap this segment.

  • Threats
  • With the advent of internet the role of travel agents is changing and the whole industry faces a threat of
        extinction unless they change to meet the need of tourists.

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