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Tourism S.W.O.T Analysis : India
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The specific strength and weakness of the product in relation to the market segments identified are analyzed along with the existing opportunities and threats. A typical SWOT analysis matrix in case of India in reaction to competitive destinations is as under:-
There are various environmental forces influence the tourism industry. The other aspect of this industry is that it is heavily dependant on a set of other industries who are in turn dependant on the tourist flow for their business. This combination of various industries has to work as one to increase the tourists traffic of the country. This set of industries takes care of the activities that support tourism industry are:

  • The Hotel Industry

  • Airlines

  • The Railways

  • Road Networks

  • The Tour Operators

  • The Government

  • These facilities decide the status of a place in a tourist's portfolio. They on one hand attract tourists to a particular destination and on the other act as a major demotivating factor if they are unable to fulfill the expectations of the visitors. So the major bottlenecks to this industry are looked into on a priority basis (Only Major One's).

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