Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Director Indian Associtation of Tour Operator (IATO) Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Director Indian Associtation of Tour Operator (IATO)
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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
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    With Honorable Tourism Minister Ms. Ambika Soni.
    Gour Kanjilal Inaugurating Sindhu Dharshan Photo Exhibition In Ahmedabad.
    Gour Kanjilal - As Chiefguest Inaugurating The Holiday And Travel Fair In Pune.
    Gour Kanjilal being Being Honored By International Partner Of Overseas Indian Education Service, Isles of Man (UK).
    With India's Consulate General Mr. Ashok Mukherjee In Dubai (UAE).
    Gour Kanjlal With Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain Union Civil Aviation Minister In Muscat (Oman).
    With Mr. Chagan Bhujbal Dy. CM Maharashtra in Muscat (Oman).
    With V.I.P. Delegation From India Led By Honorable Civil Aviation Minister In Muscat (Oman).
    Addressing Delegates At Press Conference In Dubai (UAE).
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