Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Director Indian Associtation of Tour Operator (IATO) Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Director Indian Associtation of Tour Operator (IATO)
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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
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Gour Kanjilal
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  • Gour Kanjilal

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    Travel And Tourism Writings
  • Regularly contributed articles in the Gulf News Dubai, Gulf Today and regular contribution of
        articles for Khaleej Times, Dubai.
  • Regular writings in National Press (English), in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and African
  • Regular contribution to National Press in India.
  • Regular contribution to Travel Press, Safari Plus, Travel Mail, Voyager, Destination World -
       Hospitality - Indian Express Group and many international travel magazines and tourism
  • Contribute in Vernacular Press (Bengali)
  • Radio Talks on Tourism subjects Coordination of Tourism Seminars/Workshops.

  • Tourism Awards
  • PATA Award from PATA, UK Chapter.
  • ANTOR Award from UK.
  • Best Tourism Friendly Officer - Dubai Travel Trade (The Gulf), Kanoo Holidays, Bahrain.
  • Best Tourism Professional - Travel Agents Association, Jordan.
  • L"AMIS DE France - Rouen, Dijon, Vallence, Anger (Golden Medal),(Friend of France).

  • POSITION HELD(In Ministry of Tourism)
  • Tourist Information Officer - Kolkata/Delhi - 1968-74

  • Assistant Director - Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi/London - 1982-85

  • Director - Delhi Headquarter/Goa (1974-82 ) (1986-89)

  • Director - France/Spain (1990-95)

  • Dy. Director General - Delhi Headquarter (1995-98)

  • Regional Director - 1998- 2003 (West Asia- Dubai)

  • Looked after Gulf, Middle East Africa)

  • Regional Director ( West & Central India) - 2003-2005

  • Dy. Director Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (1986-87).

  • Principal - Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering Delhi (1996-98)

  • Regional Director (North India) - 1997-98

  • Principal national Institute of Water Sports (1987-88/2004-05)

  • Hotel Classification Committee Member

  • Travel Agents/Tour Operators Classification Committee Member

  • Restaurant Classification Committee Member

  • Special Status Gained
  • Advisor/Consultant to many tourism educational institutes

  • Advisor/Consultant to many tourism educational institutes

  • Member in the Hotel Classification Committees, Tour Operators, approval Committee

  • Regular lecture at Special Tourism Guide Training Programmes (Ministry of Tourism)

  • Advisor for Tourism/Travel Publications "Safari Plus", Voyageur" Destination

  • World Travel, Travel Mail etc.

  • Event Management Consultant (Tourism related MICE matter)

  • Interview Board Member (for Tourism jobs in Hotel, Airlines & Tour Operators)

  • Examiner of Tourism Examination of various tourism institutes/universities

  • Conduct - Tourism Quiz Shows

  • Key Note Speakers at International forums
  • Tourism - Economic Benefits to India, London

  • Sustainable Tourism & Community involvement, Paris

  • Tourism - Vehicle for global peace, Paris

  • Adventure Tourism & Wild Life Tourism, Dubai

  • Lesson Known aspects of Indian tourism

  • Lesson Known aspects of Indian tourism

  • Spiritual Circuits in India, Johannesburg

  • Islamic Heritage in India (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)

  • Location Huntings for film shooting - Istanbul/Mumbai

  • Mughal Art & Vision - Tehran

  • Guest Speakers in India (Recent ones)
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management,Delhi "Guide Training Programme"

  • Mumbai University - Employment Opportunities through tourism (2004)

  • Annual Valedictory Function of Agrawal Overseas Education Service in Thane

  • Annual Day function of Garhwal Institute of Hospitality & Tourism

  • Institute of Management, Baroda

  • World Tourism Organisation Celebration in Mumbai

  • Orissa State Promotion in Mumbai - 2005 at Hotel Ambassador

  • Gujarat Destination Promotion - Mumbai at World Trade Centre

  • Madhya Pradesh Interaction Meet at World Travel Centre, Mumbai

  • Holiday & Travel Fair - Indian Express, Bandra - Khar Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

  • Travel & Tourism Fair - Guest Speaker at Jammu & Kashmir Promotion

  • IITT Fair, Ahmedabad

  • Holiday & Tourism Fair - Tourism Seminar in 2004,Pune

  • Panel Speaker at Hotel Seminar at Hotel The Oberoi, Mumbai in 2004

  • Keynote Speaker at National Institute of Tourism & Fashion Technology, Chandigarh

  • Panel Speaker at Punjab Promotion 2006 in New Delhi

  • Institute of Tourism - Jijaji University 2003

  • Panel Speaker at Hotel Association Seminar at Chandigarh in 2004

  • Hotel & Catering Institutes (Ahmedabd, Goa, Gwalior, Mumbai, Baroda, Jaipur, Patna etc).

  • Army Officers Forum

  • Philanthropic Activities
    Have always been in the for front & donate regularly to various educational institutions religious establishments and run a charitable school for poor under the aegis of Lok Nath Ashram.
    Donated for various clubs promoting cultural activities & runs charitable dispensaries like C.R. Park, Bangla Samaj Kali Mandir Society, Deshbandhu C.R. Park, Bhavan spastic Society of India, Red Cross of India and give financial help to needy people on its merit.

    Deep knowledge about Hinduism, Hindu scriptures & a very dvont person with positive & helping attitude.

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