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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
India going for Global conference: The right choice for MICE affair
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    MICE Sector is fast becoming the latest trend in India's tourism industry. Between September - February every year good number of foreign tourists visit India to attend exhibitions, conferences or seminars. India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) is a specialized agency of the Govt. of India, Ministry of Tourism. It is striving hard to boost India as a favourable MICE destination. They are also participating in convention related international exhibitions overseas to showcase India as convention destination. Recently in India, many international conferences (from medium to large level of ) of big Multinational companies (like pharmaceutical companies, travel agents (UFFTA), Insurance companies, Petrochem companies etc. took place and these events attracted delegates in thousands. All these events placed India at a strong footing in conference & convention segment.

    Mice Tourism is being favoured by the Govt. of India in a big way it promotes longer stay and higher spending by delegates. (Most of the expenses of the delegates are covered in the delegates registration fee which is paid from the company's account. So these delegates have enough spare resources for shopping or join post convention tours etc. National carrier also supports MICE tourism in a big manner due to its potential to bring volume. India has unique advantages for promoting MICE segment as it can offer exciting pre & post convention tours. Many delegates specially come in advance to enjoy the world heritage sites which is scattered throughout the country or to enjoy its beautiful beach resorts for leisure holidays. They often like to visit places like Goa, Kovalam, Mamallapuram, Mangalore, Gopalpur on seas etc. for leisure holiday combining little bit of architectural sites in & around.

    In recent time Hyderabad has since become a major centre for MICE tourism activities in India. With its state of art convention centre of international standard. It recently hosted the annual convention of the Travel Agents Association of India in early September. Now Hyderabad because of its good air connectivity from many gulf countries & Asian countries lot of Gulf and South East Asian Business conferences are expected to come to Hyderabad. Novotel hotel as part of the convention complex provides very comfortable accommodation. The hotel has special rooms with modern facilities for business travelers, private lounge & special thematic cuisine restaurants. All these facilities give good choice for business clients to enjoy during their stay. Hyderabad also have good number of hotels of varied categories to cater to the convention market.

    Bhubaneshwar in Orissa State, M/s Swosti Travels have developed a brand new Convention Centre with State of art facilities. They are keeping an eye on the Korean & Japan business partners who have made investments in Orissa. They will be keen to host their out of country board meeting or conventions at their convention centres. They have also lunched an aggressive marketing to attract domestic business establishments in India.

    Automobile industry, IT sector, Pharmacuritical companies, Textile, Publishing House, Doctors, Engineering companies etc. are major user of the convention and conference facilities In India. Convention Hall at the Hotel Ashok remains booked more or less throughout the year with various conventions wherein 300 to 2000 delegates participate. Most of international brands who have collaborations with India hold their annual conventions/conferences in the convention centres in prime cities like Mumbai (Marriots Convention Centre), Grand Hyatt, Hotel Taj, The Oberoi, Sheraton Hotel in Bangalore, Kochi (Meridien), Jaipur (Birla Convention Centre. Medium level conference centres are located even at Heritage Hotels and natural sites all over India at very scenic locations like Darjeeling, Shimla, Ootty, Mussorie and Pondicherry.

    Fashion brands are now leading the way to launch their brands where increasingly affluent people (from India and neighbouring countries are participating) for new products experience & updating on current fashions. Life style India Fashion Week in August/September at The Grand, New Delhi, wherein delegates from more than 14 countries participated.

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