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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
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  • Arrivals show upward travel since 2003 and average growth of 15% year on basis.
  • Infact India's growth is much better than global growth which is around 5%.
  • Last year 2006 as per provisional estimates global tourist arrival was 842 million an increase
        from 808 million in 2005. (+5%).
  • India achieved 4.43 million figure with 14.2 % growth in 2006.
  • Foreign Exchange earnings showed better growth -+14.6% US$-6 billion. In rupee terms it is
        Rs. 29603.56 crores (+ 17.6%).
  • Domestic Tourism has shown better progress - 368 million in 2005 -may reach 500 million in
        2006. About 150 million are from urban cities, so there is greater potential to increase.
  • Out bound tourism is progressing much faster than international arrivals. It is estimated that in
        2005 it reached 7 million & by 2010 it may cross 15 million. It will be second to China in this
  • Tourism contributed 5.90% to GDP in 2003-04 (both direct & indirect).
  • Tourism accounts for 4.59% of total number of jobs in the country and if indirect jobs are also
        included it reaches 8.78% that means 38.6 million jobs are created through tourism related
  • Labour / capital ratio by per million rupees of investment at 1984-86 prices.
          Agriculture Sector     -   44.07
          Manufacturing           -   12.06
          Mining                      -   02.06
          Hotel & Transport      -   39.00
          Tourism                   -   47.00

          Total                       -    86.00
  • Tourism is thus a major driver of economic growth and employment in India.
  • Indian Industry is growing at close to 7.5% a year & services sector is moving ahead at 8% a
        year. It is tourism, however, which has recorded the highest level of growth - more than 15%
        per annum consecutively for the last three years.

    For India, tourism most essential as it acts as:
  • A major force for preservation of arts & crafts.
  • Preservation of heritage monuments/wildlife.
  • International understanding.
  • Opening up backward & far-flung areas.
  • Distribution of income from developed areas to under developed regions.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Rural Development through rural tourism steps.
  • Over all infrastructural development as tourism is a multi dimensional activity. Waterways,
        Roads, Aviation.
  • A sense of pride in peoples mind by having knowledge about unique qualities of the country.
  • Steps for poverty elimination.
  • National Integration.
  • Source of Foreign Exchange earnings to help in balance of payments & international trade.

  • All these are not only essential for India but have opened up new challenges - specially to sustain the advantages which India wants to achieve through tourism.

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