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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
An Insight into Eco-Tourism in India
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  • The battle field for talent hunt is in operation. For a long time new travel & tourism industry
        facing scarcity in well-trained talent & this is going to intensify further. since the same talent pool
        is going to be targeted by new emerging industries - BPO'S to give an example.
  • If the travel & tourism industry is to grow & increase its contribution to GDP, we need to
        generate a huge talent pool which can take the Indian Travel & Tourism Industry to the higher
  • The talent issue needs to be at two levels. One at the grass root level here we need to create
        infrastructure by working with training institutes to revamp the curriculum that will meet the
        changing needs of the industry as it evolves to face the challenges of the new economy and
        more informed and demanding travelers.
  • At the other end, we need to look at creating future leaders from the talent pool that exist with
        in the industry by training them regularly to upgrade their skills which will enable them to face
        new challenges with confidence and lead travel & tourism industry to higher levels.

    The consumer landscape will expand significantly with new opportunities with 5 million domestic tourists by 2006. Vacationing will be the second largest spending category competing with eating out. It will be essential to understand consumer's mind, and offer the end consumer value innovation, understand vacation spending habits which changes from community to community. Different communities are to be targeted with different propositions. Our Tour operators should understand the implications of these customer needs.

  • Aviation: We should not go complacent with our four million arrivals. We are yet to be connect
        from traffic generating markets. We have no flights from Latin American countries. Even we
        do not use our full capacity because our national carriers do not use the capacity available
        under bilateral treaty because of lack of aircrafts.
  • So air capacity is always remained a big problem. We must allow all those foreign airlines who
        are willing to fly to India without putting lot of conditions or privatize soon our national carriers
        so that it becomes competitive or we loose business. As potential clients are not going to wait.
        They have many more destinations to choose from.
  • In the aviation field our problems are all the more complex with aviation related taxes. States
        should reduce ATF tax (which varies from 4% to 25% from State to State).
  • Our Airports are outdated, they need total face lift to take more charters, new age aircrafts
        and up market business traffic.
  • Airports forms first impression & we cannot create right image with present conditions of our
  • We need to relax the charter norms. This will help us to combat off seasonal problems. New
        airports can take away congestion from metropolitan cities & open up new tourist centers that
        can ensure balanced growth of tourism all over the country.

    The Indian aviation & tourism industry is seeing rapid changes, rapid traffic growth, massive fleet orders, and new set of budget airlines. The year 2005 was marked by the entry of no less than five new carriers including Air India Express, Spice Jet, Kingfisher airlines, Paramount Airways & Go Air representing variety of different models of aircrafts. Several more carriers are planning to launch service in 2006 including Jagsons, Indigo, Premier to name a few.

    To take advantage of the market growth both new & incumbent carriers have been ordering aircraft at a rate never seen before in India. Notable among there was an order of 100 aircrafts by Indigo and the first Indian order of A-380 aircraft by Kingfisher airline. By the end of the year Indian carries are going to place order for 400 aircrafts. An incredible number when compared to the total combined number currently operating is only half of that.
  • Indian airlines & Air India are not behind. They are also going for heavy orders, Jet Airways
        have heavy orders.

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