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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
Indian Republic Chattisgarh
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    Among the new states in the Indian Republic Chattisgarh is more mystical, mythical & magical and glorious full of natural beauty. Whole new world out there in the vast tracts of unpolluted, tranquil and tribal heritage India, one visit can stimulate one's mind and rejuvenate one's body and soul. Vast tracts of paddy fields, verging forest, a duzling range of flora and fauns, rivers, waterfalls, ancient caves all these make Chattisgarh a nature lover's paradise, it is one of the first bio-diverse eco-holiday destination not only in India but in the world. Raipur is the capital and has daily connectivity by air from major gateways in the country. Kankeri Palace is worth visiting as also Raipur's Mahant Ghasidas Museum. But the main attraction for tourists is to enjoy the best of Bastar. Jagdalpur is the district head quarter (300 km) from Raipur. Tribal people comprise almost three-fourths of Bastais population each with their own indigenous culture of spirit, deities, dialects. customs, food habits and costumes. The tribal groups include Gonds-Marias, Murias as well as non gond like Bhatra etc. whenever one moves around one can always see these elegantly dressed tribals people. The tribal festivals are also big attractions singing and dancing are the main part of the festival. Bastar is also famous for its crafts-specially terracotta and brass. Jagdalpur is also famous for Kosa, silk weaving.

    Thus bastar is a good place to meet local people and visit colourful weekly market. Chitrakote waterfall on the Indravati river is the major attraction in Chattisgarh. Kanger valley National Park. It is the home of protected wild buffalo, liger, leopard, macaque, crocodile, other and a great variety of avian life. The valley is also very attractive with its water bodies and ancient caves and waterfalls, Tirathgarh waterfalls from a height of 100 feet are a great draw with holidayers.

    Raipur- Kawardha-Kanker-Kondagaon-Narayanpur-kanker-Jogdalpur-Kangervalley National Park-Jagdalpur-Raipur will be a good itinerary for 8/9 days to explore this unique Chattisgarh.

    For more information either contact Inida Tourism office Mumbai or Chattisgarh tourism Office - Paryatan Bhawan, Raipur - 492 006 tel: (0771) 5066415

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