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Mr. Gour Kanjilal - Professional being, Developing Tourism in India from Outside India
Lectures Delivered and Interviews
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    Consumer's are playing greater role now days in forcing a destinations acceptability. Customers like to be able to compare the destinations so if the choice are of similar features they would like to select a place based on quality comfort and accessibility and convenience in the country. They make their choice after comparing the similar features in each destination of the country & principally on perception & price. For the undecided perception is paramount.

    Media Coverage Changes attitude towards the destination like Tsunami in Indonesia created a havoc on the destination through the extensive media coverage. Conversation of motivation, attitude & behavior is linked to the socio-cultural and environmental attributes of the destination visited.

    Other aspects which are the guiding force for influencing customers in choosing the destination will be as under:-

    The destination packages need to be promoted to the marketplace. This could be done directly to the consumer or to the intermediaries (travel agents and tour operators). The various promotional methods include above-the-line consumer advertising, public relations, promotions, trade exhibitions, workshops, sales visits, visible representation in the marketplace, travel media programs and familiarization etc.

    Distribution and Sales
    The fact that the tourism products on offer are not available for physical inspection in the source markets it very important that travel opportunities are made as easily accessible as possible. Both generic and commercial information should be distributed through the most appropriate channels. These include consumer enquiry lines, mailing services to distribute destination information, brochure display facilities, retail travel agency networks to quote, sell and make reservations, arranging insurances as well as payment and ticketing systems.

    In and Outbound Logistics
    Ease and speed of access to especially long-haul destinations is having an increasingly influence on destination choice. The new generation of travelers are "global citizen" whose holiday choices are influenced by convenience factors such as visa & passport provision, availability of flights, airport facilities and services, VAT reclaim facilities, emigration services, check in & gate operation, baggage handling, in-flight services, seat pricing & scheduling etc.

    Destination Operations and Services
    The largest part of the tourist experience happens at the destination and this has a determining effect on the enjoyment levels and value experienced by the visitor. These include all aspects of the tourists visit including transfer, taxis and public transportation, visitor services and centres; accommodation, food/catering, tours, attractions car & craft rentals, entertainment, health and beauty services, sport & recreation, etc.

    Client care and follow-up is essential to establish loyalty and positive attitudes among clients. Aftercare services include establishing and managing databases of client information, tracking consumer attitudes and profiles and conducting industry feedback and follow-up programs.

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