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Aviation Scene
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  • Aviation Scene

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    Indian Aviation Sector : Cruising High

    Indian aviation sector has been marked by fast space change in the past few years. Domestic aviation area is one of the fastest growing markets since Govt. allowed private operations in this sector. The Indian Civil Aviation sector is offering major opportunities as a result of some key policy changes. From being a service that few could afford, this sector has now graduated to bring a fiercely competitive industry with the presence of a member of private & public airlines & several consumer oriented offerings. Many new airlines have made entry into this sector. There are many more proposed joint ventures, mergers & tie ups. New airports are being planned & developed. Aviation major airbus have forecast an increased demand for aircrafts in India and expects it to be the fastest growing country for air travel in the coming decade.

    The investment opportunities emerging in the aviation sector are primarily in terms of construction, upgradation and operation of new & existing airports including cargo related infrastructure, outsourcing of some of the - operation & maintenance functions such as cargo handling services, commercial development, consulting opportunities for airport design & architecture, traffic studies, project supervision, setting up of non-aeronautical activities like shopping complex, Golf course, entrainment parks and aero sports etc. in the airport region. Thus aviations sector has provided excellent opportunities for joint ventures for mutual benefits. Aviation Expos/Seminars/workshops and event like Aero India 2007 in Bangalore provide an opportunity to showcase India 's ability to the global audience in the aviation sector.

    With the advantage of global outsourcing now established in India , Indian experts have lot to offer through its capabilities. It really provides a mutually beneficial interface between the industry leaders and experts in the field of aviation business especially in the technology front where India holds good business philosophy and command a good respect. It has a niche position in the market place with excellent human resource capital. Engineering services outsourcing in the global aerospace industry is an emerging phenomenal and with competitive pressures impacting the aerospace sector, the growth rate off shoring these services to India is likely to be rapid. India is moving in the direction of becoming a global aviation software hub. The key driver to outsource in this sector is Quality & skill. India has the advantage of the cost part also At present outsourcing aero space technology development primarily revolves around engineering services involving structural & system design, tool design, mechanical & electrical design, navigation & communication etc. There is a lack of skilled resources availability in the west today & aero space engineers are quite aged. Here too India has advantage over the experts in other countries.

    With the civil aviation's Open Sky Policy and changes in the business climate with in the aviation sector in India new demand have been seen and this is more so toward shortage of pilots. Experts made a forecast that India may need upto 4000 more pilot training schools over the next 5 years and thus there is a need for more pilots in the aviation industry. Also ground support equipment manufacturing in compliance with the latest market specifications and safety supports etc. which include conveyor belts, baggage trailers, aircraft push back & touring tractors etc. will be essential need. Similarly i the training sector, the simulators are needed. These models are must which are used to get skill tests, for instructors trainers purpose to the new trainers. Many Indian aviation manufactures are providing such services with global partnerships which are also providing new job opportunities specially for marketing & sales of new aircrafts.

    Most of these suppliers are working on the principle of think global and act local. Leading aviation service suppliers like Prime Chem fert Industries Pvt. Ltd. (PCI) have technical and marketing collaborations with the worlds leading corporations and promoting & distributing fleet of aircrafts from global aviation markets like Austria , Canada and have certified maintenance service facilities in those countries.

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